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Sicily Lo Stagnone and Puzziteddu Kiteboarding Guide

The Stagnone Lagoon is the most famous kitsurfing spot on Sicily. It is situated on western bank of the island between cities called Marsala and Trapani. The lagoon is huge flat water area ideal both for kiteboarding beginners and professional freestylers. The sea is shallow making the spot ideal for trying out new things, rescue […]

Kalpitya Kiteboarding Review

“Kalpitya used to be fishing village in north western Sri Lanka. Nowadays it is one of the best kiteborading locations in Asia. The main spot is big lagoon but there are several diverse areas where you can ride. You will be able to choose from flat water to waves and everything in between. Kalpitya has […]

Gokceada Kitesurfing Review

“Gokceada is the biggest Turkish island and it is the westernmost point of the country. The island is located on the strategic point in Aegean Sea at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. That could lead to only one thing and that is long and turbulent history. Gokceada was known as Imbroz or Imroz and […]

Jericoacoara Kitesurfing Review

„Jericoacoara (Jeri) is a village situated in the northeastern Brazilian state of Ceará. The coastline in the area is a mecca for downwinders. There are hundreds of kilometres of beaches with constant wind blowing every day. Jericoacoara is situated in a national park, there is no asphalt in the village, and the streets are covered […]

Tarifa Kitesurfing Guide

„Tarifa is the most iconic kitesurfing place in Europe. There is a substantial number of different spots around the town. It has a great combination of excellent kiting conditions, beautiful coast line, interesting old city, great food, amazing bars, and the laid-back atmosphere of a surfing place. If there is no wind, you will have […]

El Gouna Kitesurfing Review

„El Gouna is a sea side resort close to Hurgada. It is one of the best spots for kitesurfing in Egypt. El Gouna is also known as Venice of Africa because it was built on man-made channels and lagoons. Kitesurfing spots are ideal for all levels. Clubs have great infrastructure. Hotels are mainly all inclusive […]

Naxos Kitesurfing Review

„Naxos is the largest island of Cyclades archipelagos. It is not as famous as San Torini or Mikonos but it is just as beautiful. Meltemi wind can blow for days without pause. Best months for kitesurfing are July and August. There are several spots around the island. Greek mythology says that the supreme god Zeus […]

Rhodes Kitesurfing Guide

„Rhodes is a Greek island closer to Turkey than the Greek mainland. Wind is regular in the summer months. Rhodes has two main kiting areas – the first is situated in the north western part of the island and the second one is the world famous Prasonisi in the south. Prasonisi is special, because there […]

Ulcinj Kitesurfing Guide

Updated on the 23rd of July 2021 „Ulcinj boasts the best kitesurfing spot on the Adriatic Sea coast. It is situated in the southern parth of Montenegro, right on the border with Albania. A 12km long, sandy beach and thermal winds are an ideal combination for kiteboarding. The spot is suitable for both beginners and […]

Lefkada Kitesurfing Guide

„Lefkada is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. If you add reliable wind, 3 different spots, and warm weather in the summer you will get extraordinary kitesurfing destination. Due to rocky bottom at the main spot it is not ideal for beginners. If there is no wind (almost impossible), you will have time […]