Ulcinj Kitesurfing Guide

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Ulcinj Kitesurfing Guide

Updated on the 23rd of July 2021

„Ulcinj boasts the best kitesurfing spot on the Adriatic Sea coast. It is situated in the southern parth of Montenegro, right on the border with Albania. A 12km long, sandy beach and thermal winds are an ideal combination for kiteboarding. The spot is suitable for both beginners and professional riders. Nothing is perfect, thus the wind in Ulcinj is not that regular (4 out of 7 days in peak season). This part of Montenegro with surrounding Lake Skadar and the nearby mountains is stunning. Montentegro is one of the least developed countries in Europe, so if you are used to big touristic places and resorts you will discover a whole new world here. Accommodation is not expensive. Local food is tasty and cheap. Read the rest of this Ulcinj Kitesurfing Guide and find out why Montenegro should be your next holiday destination.”

Pros: ideal beach, no dangerous obstacles, tasty and cheap food, affordable accommodation, vibrant nightlife, nice atmosphere…

Cons: wind is not regular (bring your bigger kites), you will need a vehicle in order to get from your accommodation to the beach.

The spot

The Ulcinj kite spot is called “Velika Plaža”. It is a 12 km long beach, which stretches from Ulcinj on one side up to the delta of Bojana River (island called Ada Bojana) and the Albanian border on the other side. Kite clubs (around 10 of them) are situated in the southern part. It will take you 20 minutes to get from Ulcinj to the kiting area. There is a dirt path leading from the main road to the kite clubs. The beach is perfect for kitesurfing since it is long and wide. There are no dangerous features such as power lines, coral reefs, barb wire fences etc. Some people call whole area Ada Bojana although the right name is Velika Plaža.

Velika Plaza kiteboarding


Wind is thermal called Mistral (locally Maestral). It blows cross on shore from right to left. Usually it blows with a strength of 14 to 20 knots and starts early in the afternoon. The wind is steady, without gusts. Sadly it is not that regular, only 4 out 7 days in peak period. The best months for visiting Ulcinj are during July and August. June and the first part of September are also good, but don’t get your hopes high. Bring your bigger kites (from 12 m2 for persons weighing around 80kg) and foil boards.  

Sun beds in front of Pacha Kite Club 

Beach and sea

The spot is covered with fine sand. Water is shallow up to a distance of 20-30 meters from shore, and the beach is long and wide, making it ideal for beginners. There are no hazards in the water (dangerous sea life, sharp shelves, rocks, corals etc.). The current is not strong. There is no big difference between high and low tide. Usually the sea is choppy, waves are not characteristic of the spot. You will find flat water on the delta of Bojana River (there is an island on the southernmost part of the spot called Ada Bojana).

During the summer, air temperature is above 30º C and the sea is warm at around 25º C, thus you won’t need a wet suit.

The northern part of “Velika Plaža” is reserved for beach bars, umbrellas, sun beds and swimming. Kitesurfing clubs are situated in the southern area. They are well equipped. Majority of them have: a school, storage, gear rental, bar, shade, showers and other amenities. Kiteloop club is the most popular and it is busy throughout the season. It is well known for their sunset parties. Many visitors don’t kite but enjoy drinks, music and the laid back atmosphere. Dragon Project is the oldest kitesurfing and windsurfing club in Ulcinj. They started windsurfing decades ago and now they are the only ones from whom you can rent windsurfing equipment or get lessons. Pacha is a club owned by locals. It has a nice beach bar, tasty food, sun beds, friendly people and amazing weekend parties. Their kite instructors are patient and vast experience in teaching people.  Dolcinium kite club is also owned by locals, it is the biggest of them all, has great infrastructure and a restaurant. Ka’Banya is my favorite place in Ulcinj. They have friendly staff, nice food, and organize big electronical music events and live music parties.

 Ulcinj kitesurfing

Getting to Ulcinj

Closest airports are in Podgorica and Tivat. Podgorica is a better choice since it is closer (80 km, 1.5h by car) and is better connected to major European cities. Tivat is 90 km away, and during high season you might need several hours to push your way along Montenegro coast.  

A taxi transfer from Podgorica should cost from 55 EUR. You can save money and catch a bus, but first you will have to get to the actual bus station in Podgorica. It can be time consuming. There are bus departures every hour during the day. You can rent a car at the Podgorica airport or in the Ulcinj city centre.

Pacha Kite Beach Club

Pcacha Kite beach

Getting around Ulcinj

It would be great if you could rent a car or a scooter, since all kite clubs are at least 2-3 km away from closest accommodation. It can be an issue if you don’t have a vehicle and you have to carry your equipment around. You can use a taxi, but you will have the problem of how to get one when you are on the beach. You could ask people from your accommodation to arrange your daily transfers. A car is a necessity if you want to explore this part of Montenegro on windless days.

Roads are good but there are huge traffic jams twice a day when people go to or from the beach. Stay half an hour longer after your session, have a beer and you won’t have any problems with crowded roads.

View from a house on Bojana River

Where to stay in Ulcinj

Finding accommodation in the Ulcinj city centre would be the worst option since you would have to travel to the spot and back every day (at least 20 min one way by car). A better option is to book an apartment in Donji Štoj, which is a village stretching along the beach. It is most convenient and has a wide choice of places where you can stay. Prices are reasonable. The downside to it is that Donji Štoj looks like underdeveloped village in North Africa. 🙂

The most attractive accommodation you can find would be a stilt house on Bojana River. The houses are suitable for a larger number of occupants and they are more expensive than average accommodation but they rock. There is a wide choice of them (big, small, cheap, or luxurious with speedboat included in the price…). You will have a great time staying directly on the water.

Kod Miska Restaurant interior

Kod Miška restaurant on Bojana river

What to do in Ulcinj when you are not kiteboarding

Since the wind is not that regular, you will have enough time to explore Montenegro. You should visit the coastal cities of Budva and Kotor. Budva has a nice old town and it is famous for its bustling night life. Kotor is situated further north in the heart of a beautiful fjord called Boka Kotorska. The old city, fortified by the Venetians, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Take a ride around Kotor bay and visit Perast (it has 2 artificial islands with a church and a monastery on them). Try fish and other sea food in one of the best restaurants in Montenegro called Ćatovića Mlini in Morinj.

Make a tour around the neighbouring Skadar Lake. The mountains are even more stunning than the seaside. Visit Cetinje, the old Montenegrin capital, and the neighbouring mountain called Lovćen. There is a mausoleum dedicated to Montenegro’s favourite ruler and poet called Njegoš, on top of Lovćen Mountain. You will have to climb up over 460 stairs, but the reward will leave you speechless. You will find an observation deck with a stunning view there.

Ulcinj doesn’t look like the rest of the places on the Adriatic coast in Croatia or Montenegro. It has a substantial Albanian population, which adds an oriental feel to it. Take a stroll around the old town of Ulcinj overlooking the city. Try a local dish made on a barbeque out of minced meat called “ćevapčići”. The best place for it is called “9” (on the main street across the market). Don’t get intimidated by the looks of the establishment, because the food is cheap and tasty.

If you are staying in Donji Štoj, there are several pizza places and restaurants in the village centre where you can eat, but don’t expect too much.

Visit restaurants on the bank of Bojana River. Try the seafood and the soup made of a mixture of fish from the sea and river. Best restaurants areKod MiškaandKod Rankaon the other side of the river (you will have to cross a bridge leading to Ada Bojana Island). The restaurants are more expensive but the food is superb.

In the evening, the best parties are at kite clubs, as mentioned in the “Beach and sea” section of this Ulcinj Kitesurfing Guide. There are 2 bars that work until late hours, situated right on the beach where Bojana runs into sea. The night life in Ulcinj is adapted to the likes of local population and guests from the region.

If you liked this Ulcinj Kitesurfing Guide and you think that “Velika Plaža” is the right place for your next kiting trip book your accommodation here. On the other hand if you don’t think Ulcinj is your cup of tea find appropriate destination here.

Panorama of Boka Kotorska Bay

Boka Kotorska bay