Rhodes Kitesurfing Guide

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Rhodes Kitesurfing Guide

„Rhodes is a Greek island closer to Turkey than the Greek mainland. Wind is regular in the summer months. Rhodes has two main kiting areas – the first is situated in the north western part of the island and the second one is the world famous Prasonisi in the south. Prasonisi is special, because there are two different zones of waves and flat water, separated by a small strip of land.  Rich history and architecture will blow you away. Back in Hellenistic age the island was home to the Colossus of Rhodes (one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World). Knights Hospitaler built the medieval old city. It is the biggest of its kind in the Mediterranean (UNESCO World Heritage Site). Italians ruled the island in the first half of the 20th century, and their mark is also visible today. Beaches are nice. Food is affordable and tasty. Read the rest of the Rhodes Kitesurfing Guide and learn why Rhodes should be your next kiteboarding destination.”

Pros: reliable wind in summer months, Prasonisi has a flat water and a wave spot only several meters away from each other, great for history and architecture lovers, nice nature, delicious food.

Cons: beaches in the northern part are small and unsuitable for beginners, Prasonisi can get crowded, it is isolated and far away from Rhodes city and other attractions.


There are 2 areas around the island. The first one is situated in the North West part of Rhodes around the airport. Villages where you can find kite beaches are called Kremasti, Theologos and Fanes. It will take you from 20 to 25 minutes to get from the city of Rhodes to Kremasti. Theologos is further in the south, 18 km away from Rhodes City (a car ride should take you 30 minutes). Fanes is the next village if you continue driving to the south…

Prasonisi is the southernmost point of the island. It will take you 90 minutes to get there from the city of Rhodes (90 km). Prasonisi is the place where Mediterranean and Aegean Sea meet.

Kremasti, Air Riderz


“Meltemi wind” blows from mid-May until September. It is strongest in July and August. On the north western part of the island Meltemi blows from the left and it is side shore. The wind usually starts before noon but it gets stronger (up to 25 knts) in the afternoon. I had good sessions even around 11 o’clock in the morning. In high season the wind blows 6 days in a week.

Prasonisi has more reliable and stronger wind if you compare it to the spots on the north. The left side of the spot is flat water and the wind is off shore. The wave side has on-shore wind.

Prasonisi beach Rhodes with 2 kitesurfers


Beach and sea

Kite beaches around Kremasti, Theologos and Fanes are similar. They are covered with a mixture of sand and pebbles. During July and August water is warm. On the other hand, during June and September you might need a shortie. The water is choppy. Beaches reserved for kitesurfing are short, and thus they are not ideal for beginners. Also, they are pretty narrow and pine trees are close to the water. Some of them have obstacles (old bunkers) or umbrellas and trees on their sides.

I have spent most of the time in Kremasti (Air Riders kite centre). They have great staff and a nice infrastructure: showers, shade, new rental equipment, storage, rescue scooter etc. Water is deep several meters from shore. There are 2 beach bars/restaurants on either side of the spot. The left one (looks like a container) is amazing. Try Greek salad, tzatziki, and fish (prices are affordable).

The spot in Thelogos is similar. Wetskilz kite centre has a longer beach than Air Riders but there are some trees close to the water. Theologos has another spot operated by Surf & Kite centre.

Prasonisi is a peninsula and one of the most famous kite and windsurf spots in the world. The kiting area is situated on both sides of a narrow land strip which connects Prasonisi to mainland Rhodes. On the right-hand side there is a wave spot and on the left-hand side, only several meters away, is a flat water area. The beach is sandy. Waves are not that big all the time. Prasonisi has a wide, open space where you can park your vehicle. It also has several restaurants where you can eat, drink and find shade. Prices are higher if you compare them to the rest of the island.

Tip: Don’t kite on the flat side of the spot alone, because of the offshore direction of the wind. Since windsurfing centres don’t like kitesurfers flying around, if something bad happens rescue could cost you an arm and a leg.

Tip 2: Don’t go there without your own equipment because all centres are focused on windsurfing. They won’t rent you their equipment unless you take classes. I asked one of the owners of the clubs for a reason and he told me that kiters made lot of problems around the spot so all centres agreed on rental prohibition.

Prasonisi panorama, flat spot on the left, waves on the right

Getting Around Rhodes

Rhodes has a well-organised public transportation system. There are regular buses driving along the coast line. You can use them to get from your accommodation to kitesurfing spots or other interesting beaches and places. Prices depend on the length of your ride.

Car rental is not that expensive. It goes from 25 EUR per day. Always ask for full insurance. The Greek are less formal in terms of licences, rules, deposits etc. We asked people from our hotel to give us a contact of a car rental agency. This is the best way to move around but also most expensive. It will allow you freedom to explore the whole island.

You can also rent a scooter or quad bike. Price varies from 10 EUR per day upwards. You will need a substantial amount of time to get to Prasonisi. Be aware of the strong sun, because during your trip to the south of the island you can get sunburned.

Getting to Rhodes

Rhodes has a small airport close to the main city and kiting spots in the northwest of the island. It is well-connected to major European cities. You can find a low-cost airline or charter flights. Taxi transfer to the Rhodes Town should cost around 30 EUR. On the other hand, the bus ticket costs 2.20 EUR. Taxi ride takes about 20 minutes, while a bus ride is twice longer.

You can also take a ferry from Athens. Due to the fact that Rhodes is closer to Turkey than to the Greek mainland, a ferry ride should take up to 15 hours. It doesn’t come cheap.


Where to Stay on Rhodes

There is a wide choice of places where you can stay in villages of Kremasti, Theologos and Fanes. Even some of the kite clubs have apartments of their own. If you decide to stay there you will be close to the kite spots, but far away from the night life in the city of Rhodes. Also, if you have a light sleep you might be in for a problem due to the vicinity of the airport and the noise it produces around the clock. We opted for a B&B in the city of Rhodes.

Kiters who prefer Prasonisi won’t have as many options where they can stay. Kattavia is the closest village, it is 8.5 km or 10 min by car away from the kiting spot. Be prepared to spend lonely nights in the south since there aren’t many things you can do.

Kalithea beach

What to Do on Rhodes When You Are Not Kiteboarding

Explore the old city of Rhodes and find a guided tour. You won’t regret it. Lindos is a village on the east coast of the island. The famous white houses, with Acropolis overlooking the surrounding area, were built on a rock bed and dominate the surroundings. It is a great place to visit on your way to, or from, Prasonisi. Stop by Filerimos, a hill with a huge cross and monastery on top. From there you will have the best view of sunsets on the island.

Rhodes has great beaches. The west coast is usually windy and not as crowded as the east one. In the east you should visit Anthony Quinn Beach (which got its name after the famous actor who liked the area around the beach and bought land there). Kalithea beach has baths built by the Italians and beautiful clear green sea. Faliraki has a big water park.

In the evening you will have a wide choice of taverns, restaurants, bars and clubs to enjoy. Start your evening in tavern, try the local specialities. Steki, located next to the bus station, has the best pita gyros. If you want to party, you can go to Orfanidou Street aka Bar Street (for younger clientele). I liked Macao cocktail bar and Mozaik in old city.