Lefkada Kitesurfing Guide

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Lefkada Kitesurfing Guide

„Lefkada is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. If you add reliable wind, 3 different spots, and warm weather in the summer you will get extraordinary kitesurfing destination. Due to rocky bottom at the main spot it is not ideal for beginners. If there is no wind (almost impossible), you will have time to visit the world-wide famous beaches on the western side of the island. The lovely city of Lefkada is full of buzzing restaurants, bars and shops. Food is great and affordable. Bars have usual prices for Greek islands. Read the rest of Lefkada Kitesurfing Guide and find out everything you should know”

Pros: wind is probably most reliable in the Mediterranean (blows almost every day in July and August), 3 different spots, beautiful Lefkada town and beaches on western coast, great food…

Cons: rocky bottom of Milos Beach making it unsuitable for beginners.


There are 3 different spots on and around the island. The main area is called Milos Beach, where you will kite on regular days. It is situated on the northwestern part of the island, near Agios Ioannis, only 2.5 kilometres from Lefkada City. Left area of the beach is reserved for windsurfers. If the wind is stronger than usual on Milos Beach and you want to ride on flat water, the right spot for you is called Cleopatra Beach (some call it Wooden Bridge). It is situated on the left side of the road, when you cross the bridge from the island. The third beach suitable for kiteboarding is situated at Agios Nikolaos (best in case of off shore wind on Milos beach). Vasiliki in the south of the island is reserved for windsurfers only.


Wind at Milos Beach is, without exaggeration, probably the most reliable and constant in the Mediterranean. The months with most windy days are July and August. I was there twice during that period (7 days first time and 8 days second time), and I kited every day. Thermal starts in the afternoon and usually blows from 15 knts to 25 knts. It is side on shore from left to right. June and September are also great but don’t expect wind every day (95% of time). The spot is renowned for wind since the ancient times, so old inhabitants of Lefkada made several windmills along the beach.

Cleopatra has the same wind conditions as Milos Beach (side on shore thermal, from left to right) with one difference – wind on Cleopatra is not as strong. It is several knots weaker.

If you pass Cleopatra and continue driving you will get to Agios Nikolaos. It has conditions similar to those at the other two spots but strength of the wind at Agios drops even more. This spot is great when it is blowing from north-east. In such cases, if you were on Milos beach or Cleopatra you would have to ride on off-shore wind, but at Agios Nikolaos you would be much safer.

Agios Nikolaos kitesurfing

Beach and sea

Milos Beach is covered with a mixture of sand and pebbles. It is safe: power lines, trees, barb wire or other obstacles are not present. There is Milos Beach Resort where you can eat, drink and find some shade. The food is really tasty. The resort has kite/wind surf rental, storage and school. Classes are more expensive than average. If you decide to take lessons ask for Ivan. The beach is long but it can attract a lot of people in peak months.

When you enter the water you will find out that the bottom is covered with rounded slippery rocks. It is not a problem for experienced riders but for beginners it can be a real challenge. The sea is choppy, but waves are not regular. In the summer months you will only need lycra and boardshorts but in June and late September you might need a short wet suit.

In order to get to Cleopatra Beach you will have to turn left from the main road, and drive along a dirt trail for several hundred meters. Park your car and pass the wooden bridge. Be careful about leaving valuable stuff in your car since there were lot of thefts on the parking in recent years.

The beach is sandy. There are no bars, restaurants nor shade. The spot has an artificial reef protecting the beach from waves. Legend says that Egyptian queen Cleopatra was passing by and wanted to walk on the water. People from her escort built the reef to fulfil her wish. Who could have guessed at the time that Cleopatra’s demand would make a perfect flat water spot for kitesurfers. 🙂 The area is breath-taking: turquoise sea, a long beach, and on top of everything there is a small island with a church. Cleopatra Beach is perfect for beginners due to shallow, chest deep, water.

Agios Nikolaos has a small lagoon. The beach is sandy. It is ideal for beginners, and there are several schools operating in the area. Advanced kiters will find that flat water at the spot is ideal for freestyle progression. As I said, the wind is not as strong as at the other two spots. Also, water can get dirty. I have kited at this spot only in the case of north/east wind (not regular for summer season on Lefkada).

Milos Beach Kitesurfing

Getting Around Lefkada

The island doesn’t have a developed public transport system. Having a car on Lefkada would give you an opportunity to explore the whole island. Wind usually starts in the afternoon and there is plenty of time for sightseeing. If you don’t have your own car you can rent one around the port and marina. The area is also full of scooter and bicycle rental agencies. Roads are old and narrow. It will take you a lot of time to get from one part of the island to another.

Getting to Lefkada

Lefkada is an island in Ionian sea. It is situated in western Greece. Aktion International Airport is only 20 km away from Lefkada City. The airfield is well connected to major European towns.

If you plan to get there by car you will be glad to know that roads toward Lefkada are good and fast. The island is connected to the mainland with 2 bridges and one underwater tunnel. You won’t have to use a ferry boat but you will have to pay a toll for the tunnel. There are no gas stations on Greek highways and the price of petrol is high (up to 1.65 EUR per liter).

Wooden bridge, access to Cleopatra

Where to Stay on Lefkada

The best area where you can find accommodation is the northern part of the island. If you stay in Lefkada City or Agios Ioannis all spots would be within 15 minutes’ drive from your home. There is a wide choice of small hotels and apartments. Agios Ioannis has best position since it is only 5 minutes away from Milos Beach and 30 minutes from Lefkada City centre by foot. If you stay there a car won’t be necessary for kiting and getting to the city.

We stayed in Ionian Breeze Studios in Agios Ioannis. Apartments have great location 25 min from Lefkada center and 10 min from the beach by foot. They are tidy, surrounded by nice lawns and old olive trees. Prices are reasonable.

Lefkada doesn’t have big resort-style hotels. Book early in order to get better price and location.

Milos Beach near Agios Nikitas not to be confused with kitesurfing spot

What to Do on Lefkada When You Are Not Kiteboarding

As I have mentioned at the beginning of this Lefkada kitesurfing review, the island is one of the prettiest in Greece. West coast is stunning. Visit all beaches along the road leading to Vasiliki. Start with Milos Beach (near Agios Nikitas not kite beach, same name but different spot), then continue to Khatisma, Egremni (where a big earthquake several years ago destroyed access from land, so now you can reach it only by boat) and Porto Katsiki. They all look similar but who cares – turquois sea, white sand, long beach, and high cliffs in the back make them irresistible. View from Faneromeni Monastery is exceptional.

Don’t miss coolest sunset view at Fly Me bar in hills. Great music, cocktails and atmosphere. Get there 1 hour before nightfall to get best spot.

West coast of the island is not that interesting. You should check out the waterfall close to Nidri.

Lefkada town has big number of restaurants, bars and shops. There is a huge sailboat port and marina where you can rent a boat and enjoy a cruise around neighboring Ionian islands.

If you are on a tight budget try souvlaki in Meating Point. For hamburger lovers there is West Burger in the neighbourhood. Taverna La Vinaria has delicious tuna steaks and Greek salad.

Chartes bar is popular with locals. It is nested among a number of restaurants (Piperia, Namaste, Old Navy…) and bars. Tables are set directly by the laguna on northern part of the main city. If you want to try coctails go to Bakara and surrounding bars in pedestrian streets of Lefkada Town. Havana bar has Cuban music and live performances. Capital club is the place where you can party all night long.

Lefkada Lagoon


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