Kalpitya Kiteboarding Review

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Kalpitya sunset over the Indian Ocean

Kalpitya Kiteboarding Review

“Kalpitya used to be fishing village in north western Sri Lanka. Nowadays it is one of the best kiteborading locations in Asia. The main spot is big lagoon but there are several diverse areas where you can ride. You will be able to choose from flat water to waves and everything in between. Kalpitya has 2 kiting seasons. During summer wind blows every day all day. Wind is gusty but everything else is just perfect. Even dough it is affordable, Kalpitya is more expensive if you compare it to the rest of the country. The village doesn’t have vibrant nightlife.

Sri Lanka is beautiful island. It would be really shame if you don’t make a tour around the country. There is a lot to see, from ancient cities and temples to the beautiful national parks and wildlife. Read the rest of this Kalpitya Kitesurfing Review in order to learn where to: kite, eat, sleep and what to visit in Sri Lanka.”

Pros: it is windy every day all day during main season, great for beginners and pros, beautiful nature and wildlife, charming locals, reserve several days for sightseeing around Sri Lanka since it has rich culture and history …

Cons: really gustywind, quiet evenings.

Kalpitya Kitesurfing Spots

Main kiting spot is Kalpitya Lagoon. It is situated around 6 km from the village. The spot is spacious, around 2.5 km long and 600 m wide in average. Even dough it is huge it can get crowded during peak season. A sand bar divides it from the Indian Ocean where you can also kite but be aware of dangerous waves and the fact that there are no rescue boats. The lagoon is open for kiting until 5 pm, from that point it is reserved for local fishermen.

Vella island is located 20 km to the north from the Lagoon. It has the best conditions in the area. Stable wind, flat water, and beautiful nature are features that distinct the island from another spots. Obviously you will need a boat to get to the Vella. That’s not a problem since local kiting clubs make regular excursions. The spot works only during summer season.

If you want to play on waves, head down to the Donkey Point, south of the Lagoon. It is perfect to combine with down winder from or to the main kiting spot, depending of the season you are visiting.

There are more spots close by, nevertheless the beaches I mentioned above will keep you occupied for at least 10 days.

Kitesurfer in Kalpitya infront palm trees

Wind in Kalpitya

Kalpitya has two windy seasons during a year. Sumer one starts in May and lasts until the end of September. The wind blows side on shore, from right to left, all day every day. This sounds like a dream come true but Kalpitya is not perfect. The wind is really, really, really gusty. In the lagoon, there are pockets with weaker wind further from the spot where people launch their kites. On the opposite end of the sand bank where some camps are situated, it almost stalls. During summer season wind is much stronger and reliable compared to the winter. It blows from 15 to 30 knots.

The winter season starts in the second part of December and lasts until the end of February. The wind changes direction and blows side on shore from north to west. It is from 15 to 20 knots strong.

Vella Island has off shore and Donkey Point has side onshore wind during summer. As I mentioned earlier, Vella works only during summer season. In contrast to the Lagoon these two spots have stable breeze.

Kalpitya Beach and Sea

The Lagoon is ideal for kiteboarding both for pros and beginners. It has long sandy beach without obstacles. You will launch your kite from the sandbank which separates the lagoon from the Ocean. The riding area is huge. Water is shallow even 100m away from the shore. The sea is not 100% flat, there is a small chop on deepest part of the lagoon.

Infrastructure is not perfect. The Lagoon has several huts built by kite schools. You will find only essentials: shade and refreshments from portable cooler. If you kite whole day who needs sunbeds, WiFi, showers etc. On the other hand there are rescue boats patrolling around if something goes wrong.

Vella Island has sandy shores, flat water and perfect conditions. It is petite and there is no infrastructure but several shacks on the beach. Some kite schools organize overnight camping.

Only several hundred meters from the lagoon you will find Donkey Spot with waves. Great place, where you can enjoy strapless kiting.

Be aware of sharp shells lying on the bottom. I had decided to wear shoes after I saw people limping or having bandages on the beach.

The water is warm, you won’t need a wet suit even during winter season.

Kitesurfing hut on Kalpitya lagoon

Getting to and around Kalpitya

The closest airport is situated in Colombo, capital of Sri Lanka. The easiest way to get to Kalpitya is to arrange transfer with your accommodation. Our driver didn’t show up. Finding a new ride on the airport was easy. We did it in several minutes among countless drivers waiting for customers. The price was the same we agreed with previous chauffeur but we had to bargain a bit. Private transfer costs from 70 EUR, depending on number of passengers, car, baggage… If you want to save money catch a train but the trip is going to take you substantial amount of time. Railways in Sri Lanka look like in India except for the part with people seating on the roof of a cart.

Rent a car is pretty expensive on the island. It is hard to believe that it is more affordable to hire a car with a driver than to just rent a car. Insurance is the most costly item on the invoice. Chaotic traffic is the main reason for this phenomenon. Additional challenge, unless you are from UK, is a fact that people drive on the left side. Golden rule is: the right of the way has a driver with bigger vehicle. So, when you set off on a journey around the island hire a car with driver.   

The best way to move around the village and to commute from your accommodation to the spot is to hire a tuk tuk. It is motorized version of rickshaw we often used in El Gouna. Tuk Tuk is fast and affordable way to get from one place to another.

Kalpitya lagoon and kitesurfer

Where to stay in Kalpitya

Almost all kiting schools have their accommodation. It varies from camping tents and bungalows to all inclusive catamaran with kiting lessons. Closest place to the spot where you can stay is on the opposite side of the sand bank we already mentioned in the “Wind” section of this “Kalpitya Kiteboarding Review”. Even if you sleep there you will need to catch a ride to the launch zone due to weaker wind on that side of the kiting area. Don’t worry kite schools organize transfer to the spot even if they have their camps further away.

We chose Wellé Wadiya Beach Hotel and Restaurant. It is not that close to the lagoon but it has wonderful setting. Located among palm trees, it has direct access to the beach, a pool, and a restaurant with tasty sea food and local dishes. Staff members are helpful and friendly.

Nightlife is quiet, there is no bar hopping in the village. You will probably stay in your accommodation after day spent on the beach. Choose wisely if mingling with other kiters is important to you. Kite clubs organize social events and other activities. Good example is Kitesurfing Lanka.

Indian Ocean in Kalpitya

What to do in Kalpitya and Sri Lanka when you are not kiteboarding


Kalpitya Kitesurfing Review would not be complete if it didn’t have ideas for activities apart from kiting. When there is no wind (which is almost impossible during summer season) you will be able to choose from the long list of things you can do. If you like snorkelling or diving, Kalpitya is just the place for you. There is a reef and several world class locations rich with marine life. During winter season locals organize whale and dolphin watching.

For nature lovers there is another treat just around the corner. Wilpattu National Park is only 100 km away. It is one of the biggest and oldest in Sri Lanka. The park is renowned for its Leopard population.

There is even wakeboarding park just by the lagoon. You can work on your boarding skills there.

Like I have already said earlier nights are quiet. You will be restricted to small parties (if any) in kiteboarding clubs or drinks in your hotel bar.

Mangroves and Palms Sri lanka

Sri Lanka

As I mentioned on the beginning of this Kalpitya Kiteboarding Review, it would be real shame if you don’t make a tour around this beautiful island. You will need 5 to 6 days to see essentials. If you rent a car with a driver he will help you to choose itinerary.


Sigiriya is the symbol of Sri Lanka. It is the most iconic venue of the country. A millenium and a half ago, King Kashyapa built the fortress on the huge 200 m high rock sticking from the ground.  It is also known as the Lion Rock since there was gate shaped as lion at the half way to the top. Only paws are still standing today. Oh yes, you will have to walk there is no other way to get to the top. TIP: Start your ascent early in the morning to avoid strong sun and big crowds.

Pidurangala is also massive rock close to Sigirya. If you like hiking you will love it. The climb is interesting, more serious than the fortress ascend but you don’t have to be expert. You will be rewarded by stunning view when you get to the top. The rock is less popular with tourists.

Lion Gate Sigirya


Anuradhapura is city situated in north central part of Sri Lanka. It is one of the oldest continually occupied human settlements in Asia. There is plenty to see, from ancient stupas (huge hemispherical religious mounds) to Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi tree. The tree was planted in 288 BC, making it the oldest known human planted tree in the world. It derives from a branch of the tree under which Buddha experienced enlightenment in India.

Stupa Anuradhapura


Polonnaruwa is yet another ancient city which was declared UNESCO World Heritage Site in Sri Lanka. You won’t be able to say that you visited the island if you don’t make stop there. Old ruins are breath taking. Explore old palaces, temples, water tank…  


Kandy is third city which with Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa make up Sri Lankan Cultural Triangle. Needless to say, it is also Unseco World Heritage site. Temple of the Tooth is the most popular tourist destination i n the town. It houses relic of the tooth of the Buddha. You can also visit the last royal palace which was built on the island.

Kandy Buddha Temple

Nuwara Eliya

Colonial name of the island was Ceylon. Does this ring a bell? Sri Lanka is the second largest exporter of the tea in the world. The best place to go to if you want to explore the tea growing region is Nuwara Eliya. It is situated in the central mountain area. You will be able to visit tea plantations and try the best tea in the world. Nuwara Eliya also has beautiful botanical garden not to be missed.

If you liked this Kalpitya Kiteboarding Review and you think that Sri Lanka is your next destination, find your accommodation here.

Nuwara Eliya Watterfall


Sri Lanka has troubled history. Sadly there was a civil war in the north east of the country which spilled over throughout whole land. Government forces won the campaign against separatist Tamil people in 2009. But that was not the end of misery on the island. There were bombings which killed almost 270 people on the Easter in 2019. Islamic suicide bombers carried out the assault. In 2022 huge protests were organized due to poor economic crisis, inflation and power cuts. Sri Lanka is generally safe country but inform yourself about current situation before organizing a trip.