El Gouna Kitesurfing Review

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Colorful bus in El Gouna

El Gouna Kitesurfing Review

„El Gouna is a sea side resort close to Hurgada. It is one of the best spots for kitesurfing in Egypt. El Gouna is also known as Venice of Africa because it was built on man-made channels and lagoons. Kitesurfing spots are ideal for all levels. Clubs have great infrastructure. Hotels are mainly all inclusive style resorts. Prices are reasonable. El Gouna is separated from the rest of the country, so that only tourists and staff working there from Egypt can visit it. There is a wide choice of activities when you are not kitesurfing (diving, wakeboarding, snorkeling, golfing, quad riding etc.). Read the rest of this El Gouna Kitesurfing Review to decide if El Gouna is the right kite spot for you.”

Pros: excellent kitesurfing infrastructure, superb value for money hotels, beautiful turquoise sea, great variety of water sports.

Cons: sharp shells on the seabed, low tide will prevent you from riding.

El Gouna Kitesurfing Spot

There are 2 kiting areas in and around El Gouna. The first one is situated in the north of the town. The spot is called Buzzha beach. It is an extensive shoreline with several kite clubs along it. The other area is placed in the south on Zeytouna Beach and in front of Mövenpick Resort & Spa and Club Paradisio hotels.

Almost all kite clubs organize boat trips to deserted Tavila island – a turquoise flat water paradise.

El Gouna Wind                                                                        

Wind blows during the whole year. The best period for kitesurfing is from April to October. October is the busiest since a lot of people from Europe want to extend their summer and the weather is not as hot as during July or August. Throughout September I had wind in 5 out of 7 days. Average strength of the wind is from 14 to 20 knts but it goes up to 30 knts. It can blow from the early morning, unlike in spots having only thermals (Ulcinj or Lefkada). The direction is side shore/ side on shore. It blows from left to right. The wind is not very predictable, so in the winter you can have plenty of it and during season it can fail you.

 EL Gouna Beach and sea

Beaches are sandy. There are no dangerous obstacles on shore. Kite clubs have the best infrastructure I have seen. There are sun-bed zones, bars, small kite shops, rentals, schools, storage areas, repair shops, Wi-Fi, you name it… Kiteboarding Club El Gouna even has a dedicated photographer who will take pictures of your session. Rescue boats are on guard non-stop. Beach boys will help you to launch a kite. There is no need to get sweaty due to generously placed compressors waiting for you to pump your kite.

Convenience comes at a price, and you will have to pay for the amenities (10 USD per day, price per day goes down as you stay longer).

The water is waist deep, making it ideal for both beginners and pro riders. The beach is sheltered by coral reef, and the sea is flat, with no waves at all. Low tide can be a problem since the water becomes too shallow. Watch out for sharp shells because they can make some nasty cuts. Use boots even if you are an advanced rider. During summer months you will need only boardshorts and lycra but during the winter you might need a long wet-suit.

Getting Around El Gouna

Taking even short walks around during the hot summer months, when the sun is strong, isn’t interesting. As a result of this you will need a ride.

You can rent a car on Hurgada airport or in El Gouna. If you do it in El Gouna you probably won’t be allowed to leave the resort. There is no need for a car because El Gouna has a public transport system. Buses drive all the way to kite beaches.

An even better option is tuk tuk. It is a motorized rickshaw which will take you wherever you want. The ride is going to cost you around 1 EUR. Just catch them in the street or ask the reception of your hotel to call them. The only down side to it is that you might have to wait 15-20 minutes for them after the call, depending on your location.

There is an electrical bike sharing system called Baddel. At the moment they have 15 stations located around El Gouna.

Getting to El Gouna

When it comes to reaching El Gouna you won’t have a wide choice of paths. Your only option would be the airport in Hurgada. The airport is 35 km away from EL Gouna. A car ride is going to take you 35 min. Taxi transfer is going to cost you from 15 EUR upwards. You can arrange an airport pick-up with your hotel or you can find your taxi online.

Where to Stay in El Gouna

There is a wide choice of beautiful hotels around El Gouna. They are mainly big all-inclusive resorts. Almost all of them have great value for money. Don’t go for a hotel with less than 4 stars unless you are on a tight budget. Some of them have their own kite stations. We stayed in Paradisio hotel and we loved it. It had its own kite station but we didn’t want to spend the whole holiday in one place so we went to Kiteboarding Club El Gouna every day.

If you don’t like big hotels you can rent your own villa. Almost all of them were built in same style. You will need some company, since they usually have 2 or 3 bedrooms. A private pool is a standard feature.

What to Do in El Gouna When You Are Not Kiteboarding

Don’t worry if there is no wind because you will have plenty of things to do. The Red Sea is a diving paradise. If you don’t have a license or time for training at least try snorkeling. There are great boat excursions around the resort.

Practice wake boarding at Sliders Wake Park, which has 2 standard cables and 2 cables for beginners. The park has great infrastructure with a big pool, restaurant, bar, chilling area etc.

If you are a motorhead you can enjoy motor sports on the go cart track or you can ride quads in the desert. For golf lovers there is an 18-hole course.

Visit Abou Tig Marina or Down Town for shops, bars and restaurants. You will find all styles of cuisines, from Asian to Mediteranian. Prices are affordable.

It would be a shame if you didn’t visit Cairo and its attractions, since it is not that far away. You can choose a bus excursion which is going to take you to the Egyptian capital in 6 hours. The coach leaves El Gouna early in the morning and returns next evening. You will be able to see the Gizah pyramids, Museum of Cairo and other landmarks in this huge metropolis. If you have a bigger budget, catch a plane and save yourself from a long bus ride.

The situation in Egypt is stable at the moment. Security in El Gouna is good since it is sealed off from the rest of the country. All the hotels have guards and metal detectors on their gates. It is not a nice sight, but it is good to know that the hosts are taking circumstances seriously. There is no street crime but don’t leave valuable things unintended.