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SkiResortGuru.com will help you find the best mountain destination for you.

About Us

My team and I made this web site in order to help all skiing enthusiasts choose the resort which will suit them the most. Days people can spend on holidays are restricted so it is essential to pick a location wisely.

We will give you a general idea of which resort has the best slopes for you if you can ski off piste, provide you with information on where to sleep, how to get to your destination and where the best spots for chilling are.

Once you finally get to your dream winter destination you can get back to the text and see what exact options you have. Names of: ski areas, lifts, runs, restaurants and bars etc.

If you need additional info about a resort or you want someone to organise your whole trip (accommodation, transfer, ski pass, gear rental) please feel free to contact us (info@skiresortguru.com).


About author

My name is Dušan and I was born in a city located at 79 m above sea level, but mountains were my first love. Started skiing at age of four, and have never stopped since. I have visited more than 40 ski resorts in my life and I have decided to start this site where I can share my experience.